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Postby thickstrings » Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:27 pm

I have finally found a reason to like gophers......I have been building a little 4" rocket and will need some "mud" and the gopher mounds are all dug up and waiting....I just go along with my bucket and shovel them up.....uniform grade not many big rocks....Being in Arkansas even the "good" dirt is mostly clay...looked it up on a usda chart some where, "contains a lot of kaolins and pozzalans . I have made some test pucks with gopher mounds and some wood ash and they seem pretty good even with out being baked....just air dried in the shop on the window sill, which ,is like being baked around here..... The gophers seem to be most active in the spring and fall. I guess it is either to hot or to cold in summer or winter. I have also found that they show up at about the same time each day at a mound they are on a route. Ha ! keep diggings you little rat bastards, I have cob to make!
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Re: Gophers

Postby matt walker » Mon Sep 08, 2014 4:02 pm

Ha, I laughed. I've found that in most places the regular "dirt" almost always makes great cob. You can tell pretty quickly if it won't, if it's black top soil or too sandy or whatever. But yeah, most times, I just dig up some dirt and add water.

That's a great way to turn a problem in to a solution there TS, I like it.
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