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Re: Fencing....

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 3:43 pm
by matt walker
Ha, nice outlook on the "problem" Tru! Manny, the electric is pretty dang good most of the time, and if I had smaller areas to work I could probably get away with building a bomber electric fence like yours is. The biggest obstacle to it working for me is that eventually some sheep covered in wool will unknowingly graze close enough to hook a horn or something and pull a wire to where it grounds on a post, and there they go. Also, the little lambs are just crazy. They pop like popcorn all over the place when they are rambunctious and one will end up on the wrong side of a hot wire and then they all just kinda freak out and pop right through it. Anyway, I still use the electric netting for rotation and creating internal paddocks, but this is going to allow me to get these beds established, which is worth any price to me. I've been unable to develop the stuff around the house due to chickens, dogs, and lamb escapes, for years now.