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Just tinkin & a'wonderin' & ramblin a smidgin...

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:02 am
by smallhagrid
Howdy Folks.
Not a doggone thing to report as the RH here is working very, very well - even better than last year's version.

In the meantime I been tinkin on 'dis & dat.

As someone who spent years as a power plant operator & having burned just about every sort of fuel for home heating at one time or another, I was always appalled at one thing:
How severely low the efficiencies of so many heating machines were.

But then at one point in time I moved into a place that used a natural gas fired 'backpack boiler' and I was just fascinated & delighted by that new development.
Since then many companies have come out with high efficiency heaters of all sorts and that is a great thing IMO.

Redesigned fireboxes and other innovations have allowed many units to either be cool-vented or even vent-free.
Better usage of fuel is really great stuff, I think

Until I was lucky enough to hear of RH technology I was always bummed about stove designs before.
Most were woefully bad on efficiency and dirty besides.

In my journey to RH paradise I once looked at the entry at Wikipedia found here ( ) and it says in one part:
A common problem with some designs is "smoke-back", where smoke from the fire is released back into the interior rather than outside.

That part is what came right to mind during my initial tries at making one here.

I've totally solved those problems in a way that works very well here.
Also, I've been sure to check in as much as I can from time to time to see what others may be doing with any possible innovations in RH design.

Basically what I've noticed mostly is variations on the sort of 'normal' theme - some masonry, some steel, some mixed, and a few different variations - all really based on the original 'J' tube design.

I think it is terrific that folks are into this technology and that it is spreading - if for no other reason than that it will help there to be less heat pollution and in general less waste as it proliferates.

Now - just to be clear that no criticism is intended towards anyone...
What we have here is also sort of a variation on the 'J' tube (which also could be called partially a 'backwards L') - it also has some terracotta parts that seem to help hugely - a very massy heat riser, and finally, it also includes an outside, vented forced draft unit that works amazingly well in keeping things clean & free of back-drafting.

The involved mass here is not huge - and the vent piping could not be very long either due to space restrictions - but still, even on nights like tonight when the outside temp is in the single digits and it uses the most fuel - its final exhaust temp is still merely warm to the touch.

So this all has got me thinking & wondering=>
Are there perhaps other folks who have not spoken up - but who have made some important, possibly innovative changes that brought some notably good results ?!?

I, for one would love to specifically hear of any really different and/or exotic changes anyone has made to the 'basic design' which have turned out interestingly or very well for others.

Best Wishes to All !!