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Rocket Heater needs a new home.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:55 am
by smallhagrid
Howdy Folks.
Turns out we'll be leaving this fine address in about 90 days time.
As it happens, we will not be hauling the RH with us.

Time for it to have a new home after 2 good seasons of heating this place very well with only sticks, scraps & small splits.

If anyone here is near enough to southern Vermont & wants it, please contact me.

To haul it away will take a little time, some care & 2 strong men with a suitable vehicle & some plywood so as to slide it out of here without any damage to it or the house.

The desire in offering it here is to find it a good home with an interested & motivated new stove keeper;
No payment is being asked - just a good, new home for it.

It is shown in its various stages in my other postings here.