The Victorian Kitchen Garden

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The Victorian Kitchen Garden

Postby George Collins » Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:11 pm

The Victorian Kitchen Garden is a video series produced by the BBC. Harry Dodson is an old school craftsman that possesses both the expertise and the work ethic to pull off something worth doing. There have been countless others like him surely that have labored away at a craft they had mastered in complete anonymity. It's nice to see the spot light turned toward at least one such individual, to see him get the credit he deserves for being a man of exceptional character with exceptional skills.

And then he wrote a book that became a best seller.

I don't know if he got rich, but I certainly hope he did.

Here is the Wikipedia entry in part concerning Mr. Dodson:
In 1984, Jennifer Davies of the BBC was looking for a venue for a projected television program on traditional methods of vegetable gardening, to be called The Victorian Kitchen Garden.

Finally, she discovered the walled garden at Chilton Foliat, and its head gardener, Harry Dodson. He did not claim to be a Victorian gardener himself, but he had learned his trade from men who had been, and he understood the techniques they had developed.

The series was screened in 1987, when he was 68, and its popularity spawned three other BBC series - The Victorian Kitchen, The Victorian Flower Garden and The Wartime Kitchen and Garden. The accompanying books were best-sellers.

Dodson became a popular personality and in 1992 wrote his own book about growing vegetables, Harry Dodson's Practical Kitchen Garden.

He died at Chilton Foliat in 2005 aged 85.
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